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Meet Elliot and Guy.

Elliot hates Guy.

I ship them.

Man it is so great to see these guys! I LUV IT!!


Some kids flying around.

Always reblog your art bro.


I had the urge to draw some fanart.

And now I’m gonna get back to catching up on the Bravest Warriors comics.

Best bros art. Always super fab btw.


The Dark Hedges in County Antrim, Ireland is a beautifully eerie avenue of beech trees that were planted by the Stuart family back in the 1750s. Their intent was to create a striking landscape to impress its visitors as they approached the entrance to their mansion, the Gracehill House. You may notice the mystifying scene from the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones,” as it’s served as a setting for the famous Kingsroad.


Transistor - Supergiant Games





Last Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced a proposal for new rules that would allow for a “ fast lane” of Internet traffic for content providers who are willing (and able) to pay a fee. [1] The proposal reverses the FCC’s previous commitment to net neutrality and open internet and allows ISP’s like Comcast or Verizon to slow down and censor services that don’t pay the toll.

We have to be totally honest, this situation is seriously grim. But there is still hope. The FCC already knows that the Internet community wants net neutrality, but they think they can put their spin on these new rules and sneak them through. If we can prove them wrong right now with a massive public outcry, we can literally save the Internet once again.

We need to stop the FCC now. Big business groups are already ramping up lobbying efforts with the FCC in swarms since Wednesday’s announcement in support of censoring the open Internet and to ensure this dangerous proposal moves forward. [2]

This is a critical moment. In the last few weeks more than 65,000 people have taken action with us. Can you help us get to 80,000 by the end of the day today?

[1] Gautham Nagesh. “FCC to Propose New ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules”.

[2] Edward Wyatt. Edward Wyatt. “Lobbying Efforts Intensify After F.C.C. Tries 3rd Time on Net Neutrality”


Here’s some extra (also important) information:

The chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, was previously a lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry. This revolving door our government has with large corporations and their lobbyists is what leads to these kind of policy disasters which crush the competition of big businesses and devastate our individual freedoms.
Net Neutrality is important. Very VERY important.
But it’s just going to keep coming under fire again and again unless we address the underlying problem and that is the corrupting influence of money in our politics. 28th Amendment, anyone?

Having said that SIGN THE PETITION. We gotta do what we can at the moment.

Never not reblogging this.


How to Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer #3


Hey guys! DESIGN UNSCRIPTED needs your help! Please please check out this amazing compilation of talented artists and consider pledging! We are adding more and more superstar talent by the day, this is a project that you are not going to want to miss!




hey everyone! i’m opening up a couple slots for some quick commissions in a style like the ones shown above. they’ll be $20 each & full-bodied. i’m limiting it to one character per commission; the price is doubled for each extra character.

send me an ask if you’re interested! i’d appreciate a reblog as well! :-D


It’s happening.

I am making an art blog.

I know this is you. 

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